Benefits Of Mobile Apps For Your Business

Not so long ago, owning a mobile phone was considered a luxury. During a time when phones the size of small bricks were making their rounds, gaining access to a smaller more efficient phone was something of wonder. Comparatively, mobile phones back then also had far lesser features which meant they were only able to perform certain functions most of which were the usual calling and messaging options. Today, technology has developed at such great speeds that even we have trouble keeping up with it. Almost everywhere you look, it is a ‘smartphone’ with a mobile app catered to pretty much everything you can think about. From shopping to radio, to online shopping and a host of other services, mobile apps have taken the world by storm.

First and foremost, it is necessary to examine what a mobile app really is before we delve into the deeper details. A mobile app is a software application that has been designed for a particular product or service and is programmed to function on smartphones or tablets as opposed to desktops and laptops. As the functionality of these devices change based on size, memory and other technological circumstances, a mobile app may not sometimes work on a desktop; however it entirely depends of the company that designed it and the application’s compatibility with all devices.  Avaya ip telephones have in the recent past integrated with business practices enabling them to generate higher revenue and create more publicity.

The introduction and integration of mobile apps have taken over the world by storm. Whilst they were scarce about a decade ago, today mobile apps are found everywhere. There are numerous benefits to be gained through the implementation of mobile apps some of which are highlighted below:
–    Development of an existing product as a feature or an add-on: Mobile apps give a chance for the business’ target market and customers to interact with them on a closer level. They are able to release updates and offers and make them available to their clients almost immediately.
–    Opportunity for a new market/ customers: Their use can also transform the product into an entirely new offering which the business can utilize in order to create new sales opportunities and avenues for profit maximization.
–    Improvement of business processes: Some businesses tailor the app according to their requirements instead of releasing something generic. This makes the business processes more streamlined and customer friendly improving engagement and sales.

Given that today people are more on the run than ever, even laptops are proving to be not as efficient as they once were. Tablets are quite popular, however in comparison it can be argued that mobile phones far exceed the share of consumers. Based on this, cloud deployment services are mainly tailored for mobile phones and are able to give your customers one-touch access to your contact information, access your product from virtually anywhere and send you an enquiry immediately. It also saves time as the loading time of mobile apps on mobile phones is much fast that it would be on a desktop.

If as a company you have not yet quite wrapped your head around using mobile apps to boost your business, it would be a good idea to look into it. Apart from promoting your business presence and generating higher revenue, your competitors are probably already using it which gives them a huge edge over you. They will be able to capture a significant portion of your market share which you can retain for yourself by keeping up with consumer trends. Mobile applications are a great way to do this.

Are You Hiring An Expert Mobile App Developer?

It is not advisable to create a mobile application if you don’t have advanced technical and coding knowledge. You can hire a professional and well-qualified app developer who can help you to design customised applications as per the requirement of the clients. This way you can also add more value to your organisation. However, you should not expect all developers to have same level of proficiency, sincerity and commitment.

There are some things that you should consider while recruiting any mobile app developers for your firm. Keeping these things in mind you can find the right developer.

The things that you need to consider while hiring any developer of mobile app

• Work experience

You should not make mistake of not selecting a youngster. It has been found that youngsters are more amazing developers. However, if you are looking for a full time professional for your own company, then you should always prefer to hire a person with 3 – 4 years experience in industry. You should go through their recommendations and references and ask about the roles of these mobile app developers in the earlier organisation.

• Familiarity with different mobile platforms

Until and unless your company is into Android or iPhone app development, it makes no sense to hire a developer who does not have knowledge of all features of mobile application platforms. You should make sure that the developer can develop apps for Blackberry, iphones, androids and ipads. The resource that you hire should not require you to provide extensive mobile development training.

• Previous work of the developer

Apart from experience of candidate, you should find quality of his or her work as well. You should find some of the apps that have been successfully developed by him and carry out a short background test. You should not in doubt to establish apps that was developed by the candidate.

• Ability to think beyond coding work

To make an impression in any mobile development company, developers need to have clear vision and check if their development work benefits the end users or not. You should find how the plan of applicants work and you could also incorporate some of the user-friendly features in your apps. It is necessary to be proficient in coding but this thing is not sufficient for making a developer fit for your company.

• Monetization of app

There are some exceptions where you won’t be offered smartphones apps free of cost and the developer needs to select how to incorporate monetization and pricing plans for applications. If you have to advertise ads on apps then you can generate some revenue from your advertisement. You can also depend on features of mobile apps and determine the subscription fees.

How to Choose the Right Case for Your iPad

Choosing the right cover for your brand new iPad is one of the first things you should consider doing when you purchase a new device. Purchasing a proper cover and a screen protector is the first additional accessory you should consider acquiring when you want to make sure that you have the adequate protection. When making this decision you will come across numerous types of screen protectors and cases with a variety of styles that will catch your fancy. However, it is important that you take a few other factors into account. Here are some of the areas you have to consider when deciding on a case or cover for your iPad.
The first factor to consider is the material used. It is important to note the types of material used on the available iPad cases and covers. Is it durable? Is it long lasting or waterproof? Also inquire as to whether or not you receive a free screen protector along with the case. Most shops which cater to this kind of items offer a discounted price if you buy both items together and some even offer the screen protectors free. This is typically beneficial to the first time users. You will also need to note that adding a cover adds volume and weight to the device.
The next step is you would need to look at the pros and cons of using an iPad case versus an iPad cover. iPad cases and covers come in all forms shapes and sizes and even remain in the same price range. Covers too come in various kinds; for instance, some that open up like a book and others that can be converted into a stand and used. Finding cases or covers for your iPad is easy as there is a variety and choice of options for you to choose from. Many manufacturers cater especially to the exact size of the iPad making sure there is an extremely wide variety of choice.
The iPad covers also come in a variety of colors and styles. Choosing one for its appeal rather than its ability to protect is nota great idea. You could opt for the steel covers, which are comparatively lighter than the other options, but are able to protect the iPad from all kinds of scratches and dirt from damaging the back of your iPad. On the the other hand, you can check this iPhone bike mount case online. 
When finally making your choice it is good to ensure that the case you invest in does not only have great appeal, but also serves the purpose of protecting your tab.